2.7 Million Children

In the US currently have a parent serving time in prison.

The US War on Drugs

Has kept prisoners separated from their families longer than necessary.

1000s of Prisoners

Are denied access to the Courts each year.

10 Million Children

In the US have experienced parental incarceration at some point in their lives.

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We're fighting for fair sentencing in the US courts.
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About the Documentary:

#HopeForFathersDay tells the story of Ebony Underwood and her 3 siblings as they work towards the release of their father, William Underwood, incarcerated for over 25 years under draconian mandatory minimum sentences and their hope for his release as the current Obama administration puts forth new policies to overturn the many injustices caused by mass incarceration.

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A Prisoner Denied Access:
William Underwood

William Underwood was arrested during the “war on drugs” era of the 1980’s. He was part of the first wave of mandatory minimum convictions made under the newly enacted federal sentencing guidelines. In 1988, having never been convicted of a felony, Underwood was arrested at 34 years old. He was sentenced to LIFE without PAROLE under draconian mandatory minimums.

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