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About the Documentary

#HOPEFORFATHERSDAY tells the story of Ebony Underwood and her 3 siblings as they work towards the release of their father, William Underwood, incarcerated for over 25 years under draconian mandatory minimum sentences and their hope for his release as the current Obama administration puts forth new policies to overturn the many injustices caused by mass incarceration.

Narrated through the lens of Ebony, we will discover the impact that harsh sentences, such as mandatory minimums, have had on families, specifically, the Children of Incarcerated Parents. In the face of this adversity, Ebony and her siblings have persevered in order to sustain a meaningful relationship with their father despite the prison walls between them.

This film will follow Ebony’s journey, as she and her siblings make all efforts to seize the political momentum of the day and appeal for the commutation of their dad from federal prison. After over 25 years, the day their father is released will be considered Father’s Day.