Read ~ Why William Underwood Should Be Home By Now!!!

Read ~ Why William Underwood Should Be Home By Now!!!

Mr Obama, with two years left in your presidency you have the opportunity to forever have a legacy of bringing an Americian family together to once again feel the love of a family and create a bond with his grandchildren during the golden years of Mr William Underwoods life. Research his sentence yourself, you will see that he has served his time and it is time for him to come home.

Let this man go home. Clearly, the judge elected to play, God. His karma, with be severed justly. Let William go.

Everyone should be given a second chance and no one should be made an example of by one specific judge. This is what’s so wrong with our justice system.

Timothy AURORA, CO

The archaic drug laws that led to the waste of this man’s life should make us ashamed as a society. I pray that President Obama will show mercy and do the just thing by pardoning Mr. Underwood.

I am signing this to help a family stay together and right a horrible wrong. Twenty years for a first offense drug charge?? You can see from this photo that this man is a wonderful person. He needs to be released immediately. God bless this family. I am getting this on Facebook and anywhere else we can get awareness and help for you!! ❤️

I don’t normally read the emails that get sent to me, however, this one really stuck out to me. Our prison system here in the US is corrupt and this is clearly a perfect example. As a nation we tend to focus too much on the past necessities of laws; these laws that have condemned this man are no longer practiced, and it is a disgrace to see a man remain in prison when it is clear he has earned his right to a second chance. Is that not what America is all about?

If you’d like to SIGN Underwood’s Clemency petition: Your text to link here…

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