December 9, 2015: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD ~ 28 years is too long!

December 9, 2015: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD ~ 28 years is too long!

The Bureau of Justices Statistics states that people age out of crime. William Underwood was arrested at 33 years old. Today, December 9, 2015, William Underwood, turns 62 years old.

By Mikole Underwood – Daughter of William Underwood

28 Christmas’, 28 Birthday’s, 28 Thanksgivings, 28 Valentine’s Days, 28 independence Days, 28 Father’s Days. 28 years is too long for anyone. It has been more than half my life. Missing my Dad everyday!

I may have said this before, but you’re the person I most admire, to whom I measure my successes, relationships, ambition & unwaivered determination. You have taught me to look beyond & explore life, to travel; live without limitation, to be my own woman & commander of my own destiny. You’ve always believed in me, in my intelligence, talent and creativity. And have shown me what it means to love beyond barriers.

To the best Dad I know, William Underwood. I love you Dad, Happy Birthday!

Please help me to get President Obama’s attention, by signing this petition to bring my Dad home. Thank you!

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